Neil Marshall Returning To Helm GAME OF THRONES Season Four Finale

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When the powers that be behind HBO's Game Of Thrones needed a sure hand to deliver the battle sequences that wrapped up season two they turned to Dog Soldiers and The Descent director Neil Marshall. Well, guess what? There's a big battle on the calendar to wrap up season four and HBO is turning to a familiar face to bring that one to the screen as well.

Yup, according to a report at Empire, Marshall is back in the Game Of Thrones fold and if you don't want to know what the battle is I recommend not clicking on that link, though it's not really hard to guess and if you're anything like me your reaction will simply be, "Really? It takes them that long to get there?" But, regardless, Marshall did great work the first time around and it's good to have him back.
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  • harumph

    "Really? It takes them that long to get there?"

    About halfway through the last season I was pretty certain that this big battle was going to be the season 3 finale. But I can see how they'll be able to stretch it further. Of course the entire series is one giant, "I can't believe it takes them that long to get there," so after a while you just get used to not getting there.

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