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Well, now, this is an intriguing combination.

Japanese production house Shochiku have announced that Fish Story and Golden Slumber director Nakamura Yoshihiro is directing an adaptation of murder mystery novel The Murder Of Snow White from author Minato Kanae. And if that name sounds familiar it's because Minato is also the author of the novels that served as the basis for Nakashima Tetsuya's Confessions and Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Penance.

A director who has proven himself adept at both quirky, small budget, character driven indies and large budget studio gloss, Nakamura has become one of the most respected talents in Japan and a great favorite on the festival circuit. This latest offering stars Inoue Mao as a plain looking woman named the prime suspect in the murder of a beautiful businesswoman.

With production underway now, expect to be seeing this one sometime in 2014.
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