More Frozen Donnie In Extended ICEMAN 3D Trailer

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The Donnie Yen starring remake of Clarence Fok's The Iceman Cometh is shaping up to be a rather big deal. So big, in fact, that they're splitting it up into two films rather than the originally intended single outing. And when you've got that much frozen-ancient-warrior-reawakening-in-modern-times action what you clearly need is a longer trailer. So here's one that's twice as long as the original. Marvel at Donnie's flowing locks!
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  • DooK_MD

    Not much different to the first trailer. Good content (action looks dope!), badly produced. Still, I'm curious to see how Donnie and co will live up to the original.

  • cuttermaran


  • Qinlong

    I hope those dopey fight speed-ups are only in the trailer, because Donnie Yen's choreography looks superb here.

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