Indie Beat: 5 Most Intriguing Indies In July

Ben Umstead, U.S. Editor
Eagle-eyed readers will note that this week's Indie Beat may feel a little familiar, and you'd be right on that front -- by two accounts actually. Our own managing editor Peter Martin highlighted some especially cool limited releases for the U.S. in May and June. Now that this column is in place and chugging along, he has passed that torch onto me. So once a month (that's every other Indie Beat) you'll get a "Five Most Intriguing Indies In (Insert Month Here)".

What you'll find here today are not only five especially intriguing indie flicks opening in limited release in the U.S. across July (a few I have seen and a few I have not), but also an older home viewing recommendation, and a short film rec -- Gosh, I feel like a librarian now! You're also invited to share your picks in the comments section. If you live outside the U.S., what are the local titles you're most anticipating?         
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