Guanajuato 2013: Director Ryan Coogler And Star Melonie Diaz Walk The Red Carpet, Talk FRUITVALE STATION

Fruitvale Station was a really powerful way to start the Guanajuato International Film Festival 2013. It's a great and difficult drama that puts us in the Bay Area, with the real-life story of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old African American who was shot by a police officer at a BART station. Personally, I didn't know this tragic story, so the film was, in every possible way, a worthy experience. Here's an extract of Sean Smithson's review for Twitch:

"Anyone who has ever been poor, and lived in an area where you can make your way doing some shady shit, is going to know exactly where Oscar's head is at here. Anyone who hasn't? Director (Ryan) Coogler and his lead will indeed take you there."

Ryan Coogler and one of the stars, Melonie Diaz (Oscar's girlfriend Sophina in the film), are in Guanajuato. They walked the red carpet before the screening and, after it, stayed for a short Q&A session. I leave you with the quotes of Coogler and Diaz, plus some photos of the red carpet and the Q&A!

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