Giveaway: Win A Bundle Of Despair Blu-ray Prize Packs - Copies Of NORTH FACE And THE SILENCE From Music Box Films

While the rest of the world celebrates Britain's bundle of joy, the good folks at Music Box Films are offering you the chance to win your own bundle of despair. Yay! 

Actually, North Face is a visually stunning hi-def experience based on a disastrous real-life attempt to conquer the the north side of the Eiger just prior to World War II. The Silence deftly navigates the emotional fallout as a series of policemen and civilians relive the murder of a young girl 23 years after the fact. Both films are absolutely riveting and come with some nice special features. Both are depressing as hell. Do not attempt this as a double feature. 

We've got 3 prize packs. You get a Blu-ray of each film. 

To win, simply be amongst the first three folks to 

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    I would love to enter but I am not to sure how to email you here. connie danielson

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