Chaos Reigns In New Trailer For Álex de la Iglesia's WITCHING AND BITCHING

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Álex de la Iglesia calmed down a bit with his last film, As Luck Would Have It, but, based on this totally bonkers trailer for Witching and Bitching, he was just gathering strength to unleash a barrage of mayhem, including but not limited to: a gun-wielding Jesus in gold paint, an unpainted, gun-weilding child, multiple car flips and accidents, sexy witches, unsexy witches, severed fingers, horrifying rituals, funny hats and... oh, just watch the trailer. It's in Spanish, but surely we can agree that this much chaos transcends language barriers?  And, in case you want to try to make sense of it all, here's a plot synopsis, courtesy of Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg's previous write-up of the film:

Hugo Silva and Mario Casas (both currently very hot properties in the Spanish film market) play two hapless thieves, whose plan to rob a jewellery store unravels quickly when they have to bring one of their's son along, the ex-wife borrows the getaway car, they end up headed to France for Eurodisney instead of the planned Morocco, and they run into a coven of witches in the Basque country.

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    Nice Dusk Til Dawn vibe!

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