A Dozen Directors We'd Love To See Handed A Cool Hundred Million

Ard Vijn, Associate Editor, Features
We all know the phenomenon: there are movies out there that we'd love to see, but do not get their financing sorted. Some directors are just not lucky enough, some seem to be cursed (cough-Gilliam-cough), but sometimes directors just aren't considered to be "hot" or "marketable" enough to place a big financial risk on. So what I want to explore in this article is the following:

What if some bored billionaire philanthropist just picks up his mobile, calls a director he likes and says:

"I love what you're doing. Here is 100,000,000 USD, no questions asked. Spend it all on your movie. Have fun, no further interference from me, but make it a good one!"

Which directors would I want this to happen to? Well, me of course, if my holiday home-movies count...

But here are a dozen others. Some are experienced, some are as yet unproven, some actually have worked with similar budgets before (but under restraints...), and some probably do not even know what a big pile of money LOOKS like.
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