Watch The First Eight Minutes Of GHOST IN THE SHELL ARISE: GHOST PAIN, Subtitles Included

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Looking for a taste of prequel series Ghost In The Shell Arise? Well, here it is. The story of how Kusanagi Motoko was recruited into Public Security Section 9 will play out as a series of four fifty minute films, with the first (Ghost Pain) due to hit Japanese screens on June 22nd. and to raise expectations for the Kise Kazuchika directed effort the first eight minutes have been released online, with English subtitles included.

Take a look below and let us know how this meets with your expectations and you feel it will fit with the rest of the Ghost In The Shell canon!
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  • [A]

    I wanna see more!

  • Frank Dupont

    Starts out well. Except for the intro music. Is that supposed to be a placeholder?

  • That would be by Cornelius - not the most obvious choice perhaps, and hard to tell how it fits into the tone of the show, but it is different, and as a fan of his work, always pleased to hear new music from him.

  • nozoku

    Oh my god... I love it! :)

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