Trailer For Argentina's ENTRE LAS SOMBRAS Brings The Jump Scares

It is a known fact that horror movies don't need ballooning budgets or huge special effects displays to work. All it takes to scare the pants off of viewers is some effective mood and a lot of ingenuity.

This is especially true for Argentina's Entre Las Sombras, the feature film debut for Samot Marquez and Pablo Legeren. With almost no budget or funding of any kind, the duo shot the movie in a single location over a two-year period with just one camera. Legeren even took on acting duties as a young man who volunteers as caretaker for his in-laws' weekend getaway home, with the horror starting soon after. Sounds an awful lot like Uruguay's The Silent House, minus the "shot in a single take" gimmick.

Legeren and Marquez should be commended for their efforts on this labor of love, which will see release sometime in 2013. Check out the impressive, moody trailer below. In the tradition of the best horror films, it suggests more than it actually shows, and looks to be delivering the scares in abundance.

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