This Is Director Gareth Huw Evans Almost Dying On The Set Of THE RAID 2

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Director Gareth Huw Evans and his team have spent the last two weeks shooting a series of car stunts for The Raid 2 (Berandal). Sometimes the cars don't go where they're supposed to. See that guy operating the camera? That's Evans. Try not to die before you finish, yeah?
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  • arturo

    I wonder if Hammer Girl is the villian or hero?...I'm sure this will be the best action film for 2014, fingers crossed....

  • ind

    Alicia The Claw Hammer Girl is a villain.

  • Ard Vijn

    Gareth, just to give you something to live for: Tsukamoto Shinya hasn't stopped making movies yet!!!

  • hutch


  • indo

    Progress shooting until July 2013, released in early this next year, 2014.

    Can't wait because 45 last minutes will be full of action!!!

  • The action will kick in well before the last 45 minutes.

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