7 Superior Sequels (And Some Runners-Up)

Ard Vijn, Associate Editor, Features
Sequels are generally maligned, and most of the time rightly so. If a movie has been financially successful you can count on the fact someone will want to start a franchise out of it, raking in more money out of the same concept. It seems like an easy win: you've already got the first movie to provide word-of-mouth for the second.

There are lots of pitfalls to avoid when making a sequel though: sequels may lack the spark of inspiration and enthusiasm which made the original so good in the first place; stories often suffer as they grow pretty convoluted, to allow the same leads having another adventure like the first one; and realism goes out of the window to get more spectacular visuals.

But the biggest problem remains that when you succeed in creating something exactly as before, the audience has already seen it! Sure, you can blow more things up (or blow things more up) but that only works sometimes. So movie-sequel-history is peppered with bombed groan-fests, artistically hollow successes, moderate failures and all-out embarrassments. 

And, of course, there are exceptions. Here comes my list of sequels which, against age-old tradition, are actually considered to be BETTER than the movie which preceded it...

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