Ricardo Darin Stars In Kidnap Thriller THE 7TH FLOOR, Watch The First Teaser!

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We do love us some Ricardo Darin here at Twitch, the Argentinean leading man proving to be one of our favorite actors on the globe thanks to his generally stellar eye for quality scripts and directors and the simple gravity that he puts into his performances. And Darin is headed back to the big screen as the leading man in Patxi Amezcua's kidnap thriller 7th Floor (Septimo).

A day like any other, Marcelo leaves his ex's apartment, number 7-E, to take his kids to school. The kids challenge him to game of "see who gets there first". They'll go down the stairs and as he reaches the first floor, he realizes that there's no sign of the kids. They have disappeared inside the building. It is then that Marcelo begins his desperate search to find his kids.
Due for a November theatrical release the first teaser for this one has just arrived and is looking - typically - quite good. Take a look below.

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