New To Netflix: Space Monsters, TKD Rock & Roll, Aging Beefcake, and More!

You have found this weeks entry for New To Netflix! Not that we are actually new to Netflix, we're just happy, able, willing to help you find out what kind of 'Twitch-y' material is coming to the big red virtual envelope in the streaming-room. 

It is only the second entry in this nascent (but hopefully helpful) tool from us to you, and we are expanding. Now serving our Nordic readers, our Mexico and Brazil readers along with Canada, the USA and the UK. Now, more than ever, this column highlights the best of the new films added to the Netflix service in your territory.

This week: Monsters, Aging Beefcake, Tae Kwon Do Rock & Roll, Apocalyptic Bible Stories and what strange things happens when you put Graham Greene, Tom Stoppard and Otto Preminger together on the same film.
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