New Character Images From Miyazaki Hayao's THE WIND RISES!

What a great day it is for fans of Miyazaki Hayao! 

After releasing the new poster for his new film The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachinu), which gives the first close-up look at the film's main character, fresh images of the other characters of the film have also been released together with the names (in Japanese) of the voice cast. 

It is interesting to look at the character drawings alongside the voice cast pictures, because there are quite a lot of resemblances between the characters and cast members. 

At the top are the pictures of main character Horikoshi Jiro and Anno Hideaki (Neon Genesis Evangelion director) who is voicing the character of Horikoshi, as reported here earlier. 

The Wind Rises Cast.png

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  • luke s

    I guess they're not pigs... as in the manga.

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