Live Action 009-1 Trailer Features Plenty Of Female Cyborg Action!

009-1: The End Of The Beginning is an upcoming live action adaptation of Ishinomori Shotaro's classic manga 009-1, which was published from the mid-60s to early 70s and previously adapted into an anime series in 2006. It tells the story of Miléne '009-1' Hoffman, a female cyborg working as a secret agent, who is famous for using breast guns as her weapons.

Sakamoto Kōichi, director of a number of recent Kamen Rider films and stunt coordinator for the long-running Power Rangers series, is at the helm of the film. The central character is played by young actress Iwasa Mayuko. 

Ishinomori (1938-1998), who also wrote 009 Re: Cyborg, would have turned 75 this year, and 009-1: The End Of The Beginning is his 75th birthday anniversary project. The film will be released in Japan in September. 
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  • Brenson Felix


  • Marten

    God that looks awfully cheesy....but I still wanna watch it for the chicks......yeah man.....chicks!

  • dx_xb

    This man is a poet

  • Marcel Samson

    That picture alone sold me. Didn´t even read the rest.

  • arturo

    Looks like some good trashy fun, hope they through in some gratuitous nudity to keep the viewers awake?

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