Kim Yun-seok Climbs Aboard Bong Joon-ho Produced SEA FOG

Korean press are reporting that actor Kim Yun-seok has joined Sea Fog, a new water-bound Korean film to be produced by Bong Joon-ho and directed by his Memories of Murder (2003) co-writer and assistant director Sim Sung-bo in what will be his debut feature. Based on a popular stage play, the project focuses on a fishing vessel that takes on ethnic Korean passengers while docked in China but encounters all manner of difficulties during its return to the peninsula.

Kim has quickly established himself on the international scene following a string of unforgettable performances in The Chaser (2008), The Yellow Sea (2010) and The Thieves (2012) and will next be seen in Hwayi, the long-awaited sophomore feature of Save the Green Planet's (2003) Jang Joon-hwan. He has a knack for picking good projects and given the pedigree already attached to this one, Sea Fog is only getting more interesting by the day. As previously reported, Korean idol Song Joong-ki (A Werewolf Boy) is considering a lead role but has yet to make a decision. The film, financed by Next World Entertainment, is set to begin shooting in September.
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