Jim Kelly, Known For ENTER THE DRAGON, Dead At 67

Jim Kelly, an International Karate champion and Bruce Lee's co-star in the seminal martial arts flick Enter the Dragon, died yesterday. Though there has been no official report of his death and the circumstances surrounding it have not been released, the announcement came via a post by his ex-wife, Marilyn Dishman, on her Facebook page. He was 67 years old. 

Kelly rose to stardom when he appeared alongside Bruce Lee and John Saxon in the 1973 Warner Bros. martial arts film. From there he went on to star in a handful of blaxploitation films, such as Three the Hard WayBlack Belt Jones, and Black Samurai. He seldom worked in film after the early 80s and went on to become a professional tennis coach in Southern California. 

Though his appearances in film and television were seldom, he was still adored by fans of martial arts fans around the world. 

From one of my favorite moments of his as Williams in Enter the Dragon...

Han: We are all ready to win, just as we are born knowing only life. It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for.

Williams: I don't waste my time with it. When it comes, I won't even notice.

Han: Oh? How so?

Williams: I'll be too busy looking gooood.
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