It's A MASSACRE ON SET And Things Are Going To Get Bloody!

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Ah, Argentina, the land of (seemingly) many, many crazy directors seemingly all too happy to spray blood and breasts across the screen. And among the craziest of the crazy is La Memoria Del Muerto helmer Javier Diment, who I once made the mistake of going shot for shot with before making him write a drunken review of his own movie.The next day would have been quite painful if not for the fact that I was still very much drunk when I woke up. And also that I had a guardian pouring pints of water down my throat before I was allowed to go to bed.

But I digress.

Diment moves from behind the camera to in front of it as one of the stars of Gonzalo and Hernan Quintana's Making Off Sangriento: Massacre On The Set. Yes, it gets rather bloody. Check out the subtitled trailer below!
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