Indie Beat: Much Ado About Summer Movies (But Not Those Kind!)

Ben Umstead, U.S. Editor
My summer movie season started two weekends ago when I saw Before Midnight twice in two days, and continued in earnest this past Sunday with Carlos Reygadas beguiling Post Tenebras Lux (which, if you live in LA, and want something challenging, I urge you to see at Cinefamily before it leaves this Thursday). The next movie I really want to see is Man of Steel. Heck, I'm sure most of us really want to see Man of Steel. Now, of course I am going to sound like a broken record in saying this, but... there's a lot more out there than Man of Steel. Obviously.

So today at Indie Beat, I'd like to highlight five independent films I find readily fascinating and that just may be worth your time and dollars. The selection is a mix of flicks that are making one last lap 'round the festival circuit before getting a release, and a few that will very soon be seeing a limited theatrical release and/or a VOD release in the U.S. Some of these films are rather sweet and gentle, others are bitter and dark. All feel authentic in their various tenors of voice and world and character building. For being authentic to one's vision is as close as we're going to get to being original in this day and age. I think that is actually a rather extraordinary and lovely thing, and also probably a conversation to have another day.   

For those of you that live outside the U.S. or are not near one of the fests mentioned, please let us know in the comments some of the alternative choices that you are excited to catch in your neck of the woods.  
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