ICEMAN 3D Has Too Much Donnie! Martial Arts Epic To Be Split Into Two Films

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Iceman 3D, Law Wing Cheong's big budget remake of Clarence Fok's 1989 film The Iceman Cometh has been in the headlines pretty much non-stop since production began, with stories of extensive re-shoots, a ballooning budget and even problems filming on location in Hong Kong slowing things down. Now news arrives that the time-travelling martial arts epic, which stars Donnie Yen as a Ming era warrior thawed out in modern day Hong Kong, will be not one film, but two.

Twitch has learned from a source within the production that the current edit of Iceman 3D is somewhere in the region of 3.5 hours long, and rather than dump the extra footage to get the film down to a more audience-friendly two hours, producers have opted to cut it in half, releasing Part 1 this Christmas and Part 2 at Chinese New Year 2014.

With the film's budget apparently now double what was originally intended, this seems like a smart way of maximising Iceman's chances of turning a profit at the box office. The film has already been sold internationally to Well Go USA, and now has the potential to double its ticket and home video sales. Look out for an official announcement soon.
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  • tman418

    Saw the trailer. It looks really good. Donnie Yen is Hong Kong's Tony Jaa!

    Btw, I don't mean to derail any discussion about this film, but isn't Donnie Yen's "The Monkey King" coming out next month? That's a film I've been waiting a long time for. 15perf/70mm IMAX 3D biatch! Seriously shouldn't he be doing some promotion for Monkey King?

  • TheAngryInternet

    The Monkey King will absolutely not be out next month. It's still in post-production (this movie's travails make Iceman 3D seem like smooth sailing by comparison) and general consensus is it won't be out until next year. It was thought to have a shot at a December release, but if Iceman part 1 is coming out then, it's an easy bet that The Monkey King won't be, and Chinese New Year is presumably out too. So summer '14, maybe.

  • DooK_MD

    The HK/Chinese release date is around November this year.

  • TheAngryInternet

    There's a lot of dates for it, nothing's official yet. They just released a trailer today that says "2013" (nothing more specific than that), so either Monkey King or Iceman 1 will be a National Day or 2014 release, or two ridiculously expensive Donnie Yen tentpoles will come out during the end-of-year blockbuster season, which sounds like a good way for a lot of people to lose a lot of money. So I'd still bet on one of them moving, which is nothing unusual in China (Chinese release dates are rarely locked more than a month or two in advance--hell, Badges of Fury got moved up from June 28th to the 21st just a couple of days ago).

  • DooK_MD

    Just checked around for updates and you're right, The release date is now during the Chinese New Year, either the 30th or 31th of January.

  • No. Just no.

    Donnie Yen was in his first film in 1984. When Tony Jaa was 8. That's Donnie's first starring role of 59. Plus fight and stunt choreography credits on 42 more. Plus directing credits on 7. Plus producing 6.

    Donnie is not 'Hong Kong's ANYONE'. He's Donnie Yen and is measured against nobody but himself at this point of his career. I would say before Tony - as talented as he is - can even legitimately be considered 'Thailand's Donnie Yen' he needs to have 7 or 8 more really good films under his belt.

  • Stuntman Mike

    Dude fuck off!! i've seen all of donnie yen movies and nothing comes close to the protector or ong bak 1 or 2... His fights are always the fuckin same and if anyone has been watching his movies lately, his choreography is getting repetitive. TBH i can tell yall dont like Tony Jaa at all cuz you mothafuckas been goin in on him every chance you get, writing bait articles an shit (Lame AF). I don't hear shit about Iko Uwaiz aka "Discount Tony Jaa" cuz he aint never gonna be shit. I can't wait for The Protector 2 comes out so it can take a piss on your silly fuckin raid sequel... this website is a fuckin joke and i hope yall get your shit together cuz this is where i used to come thru and get my kung fu news.

    yall ninjas slippin

  • DooK_MD

    "His fights are always the fuckin same and if anyone has been watching his movies lately, his choreography is getting repetitive."

    Sorry but that's cheap generalization. I've seen all his new movies so don't fool people. Stylistically, 14 Blades, Legend Of The Fist, The Lost Bladesman, and Wu Xia have their own obvious individual elements that make each fight different.

  • $tuntman Mike

    LOL 14 Blades, Legend Of The Fist, and The Lost Bladesman can suck my ass... they were garbage movies with decent action, Wu Xia being the exception

  • DooK_MD

    You're entitled to your opinion of course (whatever) but my point was that Yen isn't getting repetitive with his action choreography - dude always strives for new and innovative things which shows in all his films where he is the action director - opposed to your claim (obviously lazy thinking on your part). Any unbiased martial arts movie fan would say the same thing to you, so save your breath.

  • Fuck off with my ability to read a calendar?

  • Mike

    Or seven or eight movies at all, really.

  • mercy

    " with stories of extensive re-shoots, a ballooning budget and even
    problems filming on location in Hong Kong slowing things down. "

    Happens when creators STICK to their creative vision. Judging from the trailers they RULE the World! Iceman will be awesome!

    Thai Chi Hero/Zero too was presented in Part 1 Part 2, was enjoyable enough.

  • Flower & Monster

    Tai chi zero was donkey biscuit. Horrible.

    The problem with this movie is a lot like tony jaa's disastrous ong bak 2& 3. I've been seeing some horrible Chinese movie lately. I guess they're throwing money at quantity instead of quality at this point.

  • No, it generally happens when creators fail to plan properly and mismanage their set. The creative vision was set before production began. If things had been managed properly there'd be no reason to run over.

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