Flying Dagger, Bathing Babes In The Trailer Of Vietnamese 3D Thriller HOW THE HELL I KNOW

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Biết Chết Liền (not-really-literally translated: How The Hell I Know), a 3D comedy thriller directed by Le Bao Trung, has released its theatrical trailer. The preview features scandalous star Angela Phuong Trinh in many bath tub scenes or passionately kissing her boyfriend on the sand, making it clear what they're trying to sell here. This marks the return to acting for this 18 year old girl after many scandals about her private life.

How The Hell I Know was introduced as a thriller / comedy / mystery about four young people going vacation at Nha Trang Beach. Instead of having a romantic trip the group encounters a horrific incident and is forced to participate in a journey of evil. The trailer brings some nice ideas to the new cinema in Vietnam, but fails with corny acting and cheap jump-scare moments. I can forgive about the bad VFX, but I don't want the filmmaker to throw them in my face. 

How The Hell I Know is a weird title for a movie. When be asked, director Le Bao Trung said: "Just go to the theaters and watch it. Then you'll know". Do you want to see it after watching this trailer?
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