Chapman To Has All The Answers In First Teaser For THE MIDAS TOUCH

, Asian Editor
Last year, Chapman To proved to be far and away the best thing about Heiward Mak's DIVA, a supposedly biting look at celebrity and the entertainment industry, that starred popstar Joey Yung in the title role, and To as her cutthroat manager. 

Something good does seem to have come out of that project however, as To's character has been spun off into his own movie, The Midas Touch. At the helm is Fung Chi Keung, who directed To in last year's admittedly rather lacklutre The Bounty, but his years of experience working with the likes of Stephen Chow and Johnnie To have earned him a second chance.

Produced by Chan Hing Ka, whose previous producer credits include the rather good yet little-seen Chapman To flick La Comedie Humaine, The Midas Touch sees To do battle with Charlene Choi's rival manager over the future of a floundering 8-piece girl group, and boasts a bevvy of fresh faces and established stars from the Emperor Group stable, including Gillian Chung, Wong Cho Lam, Yumiko Cheng, He Jiong, Lo Hoi Pang, Hins Cheung, Gao Yunxiang, Deep Ng and many others.

The Midas Touch opens in Hong Kong on 15 August and a first teaser trailer has now arrived. It looks incredibly local and largely cameo-fuelled, but if To is able to flesh out his character enough to drive an entire movie, we could have something interesting on our hands. For now, check out the teaser below and some images.
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