V/H/S/2 To Go Direct To DVD In Australia

, Contributing Writer
Oh, the irony. Roadshow Films has confirmed that the much-anticipated sequel to last year's horror anthology V/H/S won't have an Australian theatrical release, and will instead go straight to DVD.

While this is a great shame for genre fans who were anticipating seeing the film on the big screen, it's hardly a surprise - last year Roadshow famously slated Cabin in the Woods for a direct-to-DVD release until lobbying from fans ensured the film had a limited theatrical run.

Maybe the same thing will happen in this case, although personally I'm hoping a savvy festival like MIFF or Monster Fest programs V/H/S/2 so we'll have a guaranteed way of seeing it on the big screen with a packed appreciative audience (yes I'm being selfish, choosing Melbourne festivals; maybe Brisbane could program it too. Or Adelaide, in October. Plenty of options.). 

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