5 Filipino New Wave Directors You Should Know (And Love)

Skeptical critics always think that the time to sing the death of the Filipino new wave cinema has arrived. But just as they're warming up you get four new Filipino works at the latest Cannes Film Festival and you realize that the game has just started and the best is yet to come.

It's not all about Brillante Mendoza (who has just finished his latest movie, Sapi), Adolfo Alix Jr., Auraeus Solito or the Rotterdam darlings Khavn De La Cruz, Raya Martin and John Torres - all accomplished auteurs who already have their festival milieu and aficionados. The truth is that Filipino cinema continues to be one of the most interesting in the world, a very prolific environment where every day it seems there are new directors coming out of every part of the nation.

In this cinematic salad, it's quite easy to lose directions, and that's why we've chosen five directors - it could have been ten or even twenty - distinct from each other ideas ideas and style, that all of you Twitch readers should know to keep track of the paths that Filipino cinema is taking.

These are the best of the new breed, keep your eyes open because the next Mendoza could be among them.

In pure alphabetical order:
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