Watch Vidyut Jammwal Kick Ass In COMMANDO - A ONE MAN ARMY Clips

Martial artist/model-turned-actor Vidyut Jammwal proves why he is called a one man army in the Bollywood action picture Commando.

That's abundantly clear in several clips posted on Big Pictures' official YouTube channel. I selected some of the clips on their channel that best exemplify his badass status, with some involving him escaping the Chinese army and manhandling a gang of thugs.
Vidyut Jammwal plays a special-ops secret agent for the Indian Armed Services. During one of the missions the commando's chopper is shot down & is now behind enemy-lines.

From here on the commando embarks on a survival mission battling physically challenging environments, gun totting enemies in foreign land & is en route to his base. The commando uses his intense training, well honed survival & combat skills against the enemy in the face of this extreme environment.
You'll find the clips embedded below.
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  • jah p

    Looks good enough for a rental...but I'd love to see this guy go toe to toe with Aamir Khan from Ghajini movie!

  • Gord

    I love how pronounced the emergency brake sound was on that jeep.

  • adhip

    Hmm...I see more handsome & bulkier Tony Jaa who can dance and may be can sing too, with some flavor of the Raid, Flashpoint and even Rambo here and there. I don't know if it's the camera work or the fight choreography but the flow of those fights feel a bit unnatural and staged, or maybe because it's Indian movie which tends to give too much emphasize on every scenes. Nice action tho.

  • JSW7

    The guy has skill but it is very noticable of the Tony Jaa styled choreography here but done much worst.

  • actionherowhat

    hmm the guy sure can fight but the camera movements during fight sequence are terrible. Still can't match The Raid, Ong Bak, Matrix, Merantau and etc.

  • Anonymous

    If there's no song and dance number, I'm not interested! Otherwise, best bollywood action film ever.

  • There is, indeed, singing and dancing.

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