Watch Matthew Chuang's Brilliant Fantasia Award-Winning Short MATHILDA

Simon de Bruyn, Contributing Writer
At last year's Fantasia International Film Festival one of the short films to make a big impression was Matthew Chuang's Mathilda, which took out the Silver Audience Award. Twitch is now proud to present the short which just launched online.

Featuring a standout performence by young actress Virginia Cashmere, Mathilda is pitched as a modern fairytale. 

Mathilda is a ten-year-old girl who lives with a terrifying monster. Determined to save herself and her sister, Mathilda forms a desperate plan inspired by her imagination, setting off a chain of events not even she could anticipate.

Director Matthew Chuang - who also works as a DOP - first came to my attention with his feature debut Braille back in 2009, and again just recently with this awesome commercial.

Based on Mathilda I'm hoping it's not too long until we see a follow-up feature from him.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Based on Mathilda I'm hoping it's not too long until we see a follow-up feature from him."

    Yeah, it looked pretty nice, kids and voodoo don´t mix well.....hahhahahha...thanks Mr de Bruyn.

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