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News that Robert Redford was joining the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Alexander Pierce was met with a good deal of excitement. And why not? He's Redford, after all, and certain to lend a good amount of gravity to the role.

But no good agent works alone and Redford's Pierce is no exception. And Twitch has learned who will be playing the four members of his team. Chin Han, Jenny Agutter, Alan Dale and Bernard White will be supporting Pierce as the four members of his S.H.I.E.L.D. team.

White has previously been announced as part of the film's cast - though the IMDB lists him as 'Indian Council Member' - while Agutter had a bit part in The Avengers as part of the World Security Council. Dale - a veteran character actor - and Han (Contagion, The Dark Knight, Blindness) are new to the Marvel universe.
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  • NickAdam33

    So are these guys Security Council members?

  • kerton

    Jenny Agutter was in Avengers, as a member of the World Security Council that Fury reports to. Are you sure she's a part of SHIELD? I'd guess her role is a reprisal if anything...

  • Yes, that's what I'm saying. She's a part of Redford's SHIELD team.

  • NickAdam33

    So what you're saying is that Redford's "SHIELD" team is actually the World Security Council, correct?

  • There appears to be overlap between them, but Redford has very clearly been presented across the board as being SHIELD.

  • NickAdam33

    Alright, I'm trying to get a grasp on what the actual facts are, because the woman who is mentioned "Jenny" is a WSC member, also I've read somewhere that Chan will be Councilman Yen, and Alan Dale is consider to be an "Indian" Councilman. I'm going to safely assume that those mentioned are in fact WSC members, and that Redford's character is a senior agent/Councilman of SHIELD/WSC. SLJ has confirmed that Redford's character is a WSC member. I just don't see the use in the word "team". Why not just call them World Security Council members?

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