Matsumoto Hitoshi Wraps Sex Comedy R100

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As has proven to be his normal modus operandi, Matsumoto Hitoshi - the enormously popular comedian turned film director responsible for Dai Nipponjin (Big Man Japan), Symbol and Scabbard Samurai - has wrapped his latest feature without anyone particularly noticing that he had even begun.

Titled R100 the film is described as "an intense sex comedy about a man who joins a mysterious club which opens the door to another world he has never before experienced" with Matsumoto playing the lead as well as directing.

With an October release planned I wouldn't be expecting any footage for quite some time yet but that is the first released still above.
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  • Mimi

    It's actor Omori Nao, I think

  • Ard Vijn

    Is that Matsumoto Hitoshi in the picture? I don't recognize him!

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