Let's Make This Indie Go! Astron-6 Needs Your Help To Make THE EDITOR A Reality.

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Our favorite Canadian film collective, the mighty Astron-6, is on the move!

Today Astron-6 announced the IndieGoGo crowd-sourcing campaign for their upcoming film, The Editor. Back in February it was announced that Astro-6 had won a Telefilm Canada grant to assist with production on The Editor, a film that has been in the works for a while. However, now that they've begun, they realize that it's time to step up their game and make a real goddamned movie. In the service of that goal, they've begun an incredibly modest IndieGoGo campaign to supplement their production on the film.

In their pitch video, Astron-6 performers/writers Adam Brooks and Matt Kennedy state that they'd already begun shooting The Editor, but have realized that now with the added (well-earned) attention from their first two features, Manborg and Father's Day, they have the potential to do something more. While Manborg had a production budget of around $2,000, and Father's Day was made for $10,000, Astron-6 are looking for a little bit more to make The Editor, and they make a good case.

Whereas Manborg was shot on consumer grade SD video and Father's Day on DSLR's, this time around they want to work with a real movie camera. Their stated goal of $16,500 seems very doable, although they do give examples of possibilities if they should manage to exceed that goal. For example:

If we reach $15,000, Astron-6 will officially be playing with the big boys, and shooting on RED EPIC or ALEXA (or if something better/equal comes out before we shoot, then that.)

If we reach $20,000, we can promise at least ONE name-actor will appear in THE EDITOR! Getting anyone to watch a movie full of nobodies is hard, trust us!  Not to mention the hundreds of genre actors out there we're dying to collaborate with!

If we reach $30,000, we can promise some insane stunt-work.  We've set ourselves on fire, and jumped off moving cars in the past... now it's time to get serious.

Finally if we reach $130,000 we can make exactly the movie we've been wanting to make, no restrictions.  This will be an insane, mindfuck of comedy, sex/violence/stunts and name actors.
These all seem like reasonable goals to me, and the idea of Astron-6 making a film with three or more times the budget of Father's Day makes my head spin.

For those of you still wondering just what The Editor is, here's their plan:
Once revered as the greatest editor of all time, an editing accident reduced him to a ridiculed amputee.  When his co-workers are murdered one after another, the editor is the prime suspect!

Has he lost control of his psycho-sexual subconscious like a modern day Dr. Jekyll or Wolfman?  Not even he knows for sure!

Astron-6 making a giallo? Sign me up! Check out the pitch video below and contribute at the link! Let's make this happen!

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  • hutch

    Good on you, Twitch.

  • I know at least two of us have thrown money into the pot already. We dig these guys.

  • hutch

    Did you get a shirt?! If you did and you ever come down to New York we can argue over 'Fast & Furious' while wearing Astron-6 Ts. And you can bring Jason and we'll argue about Quadrophenia. Swell times. Now I'm off to dispose of $$$ on NYAFF '13. Huzzah!

  • I did, indeed.

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