Less Talking, More Stabbing In THE WOLVERINE CinemaCon Trailer

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Who needs all that talking stuff, we just want to see Logan stabbing people, right? Well, coming right up. There are a whole lot of blades and not very much else int he CinemaCon trailer for The Wolverine and that's a very good thing. And it doesn't hurt that one of those blades is weilded by the Silver Samurai. Check it out below.
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  • harumph

    That looked like a mess to me.

  • MEsoSOup

    A delicious mess fun of action.
    Dont know what crawled up your arse but you need to let it go.

  • harumph

    Relax. I still think the movie is going to be great. I just think this trailer is a choppy mess. My arse is just fine, thank you.

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