Kevin Smith And Phase 4 Films Embrace Slamdance Favorite THE DIRTIES

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I ain't gonna lie, it's always fun to get in on the ground floor of a movie you just know is gonna be a buzz film all year long and beyond because not only is said film really, really, funny, but incredibly intelligent, and probably very controversial because of the complex and arguably humane way it handles violent subject matter. Matt Johnson's The Dirties is that movie right now.

Winning both the Spirit of Slamdance and Grand Jury Prize for Narrative awards back at Slamdance in January, Johnson's geek bromance/school-shooting flick has been picked up by Phase 4 Films for theatrical distribution in the U.S. and Canada later this year. There's the added assist from Phase 4's partnership with Kevin Smith's Movie Club, where the film goes for VOD. I feel pretty confident in saying these releases will result in the movie making an uber amount of top ten lists by year's end. I know I'll shock myself silly if I end up leaving it off mine. Read my review of The Dirties right here.   
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    Way to go Dirties!

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