New Stills for Wojciech Smarzowski's ANIOL Dramatize Alcoholism

, Contributing Writer

Wojciech Smarzowski (Drogowka, Roza, Wesele), one of the most prolific Polish directors of the 21st century, is about to finish shooting his latest film entitled Aniol, a hard-hitting drama about alcoholism and its overpowering ability to destroy a person's life. Robert Wieckiewicz (Vinci, In Darkness) plays Jurus, a writer who finds himself on the verge of a moral breakdown due to the destructive disease that's alcohol addiction.

Based on the controversial novel Pod Mocnym Aniolem, written by Jerzy Pilch, Aniol might come as a haunting tragicomedy that's also an intriguing cautionary tale, with a bold social commentary on the condition of the whole Polish society. The first images give the impression of a minimalistic stage play, carefully orchestrated by Wieckiewicz during his time defying drinking bouts. Check them out below.

The film is set to have its premiere in Poland in the first quarter of 2014.

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