Exclusive Clip From Kitamura's NO ONE LIVES Shows How To Escape From Ruthless Criminals

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Let's say you're a lovely-looking blonde lady and you happen to be kidnapped by a ruthless gang of criminals.

Let's go further and say that your good-looking boyfriend * kidnapper has left you alone for some reason, leaving you to your own devices to escape. Let's say the criminals have guns, but you don't care; you're tired of their shenanigans and just want to go home, take off your torn, bloody clothes, slip into a nice, warm bath, and maybe have an adult beverage before heading to bed.

How would you escape?

In an exclusive, NSFW clip from Kitamura Ryuhei's No One Lives, we observe the method employed by Adelaide Clemens as the blonde, who's apparently been left behind by her boyfriend * Luke Evans and must deal with the bad people, led by Lee Torgeson, on her own.

The movie opens in limited release in the U.S. on Friday, May 10.

* Updated: My mistake; Luke Evans is not the boyfriend of Adelaide Clemens; he's a kidnapper. Still a bloody good clip.

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