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We know he's not Casey Jones but that's about all we know about Will Arnett's role in the upcoming Michael Bay produced / Jonathan Liebesman directed live action version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Arrested Development star Arnett has joined Megan Fox in a leading part but everyone is being mum as to what his role will actually be. The four turtles - or, at least, the people who will be providing mo-cap services for them - have already been cast by a quarter of general unknowns (Alan Ritchson, Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard and Noel Fisher) and I can't imagine that he's either Splinter or Shredder, unless they're going super goofy in tone. And THR says definitively that he is not Casey Jones. Which means, most likely, that Arnett is some new human character that they are hanging the story around.
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  • Eric

    In the cartoon back in the days, she was a reporter, in the original comics she was a scientist or something.

  • Paul

    From what I keep hearing, they're neither teenage nor mutant. They're fucking aliens.

  • Sychodynamite

    The only character Arnett resembles is agent Bishop. Bay could be setting the leader of the E.P.F. up for future films

  • Chase

    Vernon Fenwick, that's who I'm thinking of! He was her camera operator. From Wikipedia: She (April O'Neil) also fell out repeatedly with Vernon Fenwick, the director/camera operator whose enormous ego compelled him to scoop O'Neil on her stories whenever possible.

  • Chowabunga

    Bishop. I am thinking Bishop.

  • Chase

    Is Baxter Stockman April's assistant or rival reporter or whatever he was on the cartoon? Its been about 20 years so my memory is a little off. But he was always goofy and dorky.

  • hutch

    mo cap? I thought they were getting their Henson on with this one. Oh well.

  • Snoop Lion

    Mr Banana Grabber maybe? Come on!

  • rondertaker


  • Stockman's a pretty good option for him, yeah.

  • Dan

    Except he's not black.

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