US Trailer For THE GRANDMASTER Confirms That The Weinsteins Think All Americans Are Stupid Meatheads

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Hands up everyone out there who has ever seen a film by Wong Kar Wai. Yep, that's a pretty decent number. Okay, now. Hands up everybody who's ever even read anything about any film by Wong Kar Wai. That's even more of you. Anyone who's read anything about his Tony Leung starring Ip Man biopic The Grandmaster? Yep, yep. I see you.

Okay, now hands up everyone expecting that The Grandmaster is going to be a testosterone fueled beat down. Anyone? Anyone at all? Because that's what The Weinstein Company is trying to sell with its new US trailer for the film. Uh huh. Doesn't matter at all that it's a total lie, apparently, because once anybody who walked in without prior knowledge of WKW and his work expecting the beat down promised in this trailer finds out that they've been so shamelessly duped their money will have already been separated from their wallet.

All is fair in love, war and commerce I suppose, but way to burn bridges with your audience, boys. Check out the trailer below.
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