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If you are already familiar with horror-comedy television series Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil then you are already familiar with one basic fact: After hitting a cliffhanger ending in Season Two the show was not renewed and that ending has never been resolved.

If you are not already familiar with Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil then you are no doubt asking yourself, "How can I have possibly missed a show with such an awesome title and why aren't there more Todds on television?" Followed by "How can I catch up on such a thing and get to that aforementioned cliffhanger?" The answer to that second question is Netflix but the cliffhanger need not be the end ...

You see, the creators know full well how they meant for the show to finish and they're determined to bring the story to its intended end. And they're aiming to do so with an animated feature partially crowd funded on IndieGoGo and have promised to go live action should they succeed in raising enough funds to do it that way without compromising the scope of the intended ending.

Interested in chipping in? Check out the crowd funding campaign here for all the details - one reward includes having Jason Mewes tweet about how awesome you are - and check out the pitch video below.
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