Gore Hounds Rejoice. HEMLOCK GROVE Clip Reveals Bloody Brutality

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Maybe Netflix really are the new kingmakers in TV-style series. After delivering the epic remake of BBC series House of Cards to hungry binge-viewing audiences in February, the streaming service is gearing up Hemlock Grove, its new supernatural show executive produced by Nazi hunter Eli Roth. 

And now we have a clip from the show, set to premiere on April 19, which shows just what having Roth on board a TV show looks like. Result: absolutely, shockingly, insane. Sure, the FX are TV-like in their realism, but hell, it works. I was left staggered. Check it out below.
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  • Dave Baxter

    The CGI is superb. It's not realistic in the least, but it's not meant to be. It's an artful blend of makeup and Asian-film-flavored CGI that is definitely effective. The whole sequence is well rendered - no shortcuts where we see a burst of whirling amorphous CGI and then voila! the change is over. This here is how CGI on a budget should always be done. Golf clap.

  • Superb, my ass. The lighting and texturing on it is horrible. I've seen student work that is far, far better than this so you can't even put it down to budget. It's just a shoddy job.

  • I think this looks total shit. That CGI is AWFUL. Only thing I like about it is the wolf eating the shed skin at the end.

  • Snoop Lion

    Hah. I did say the FX were TV level, (by which I meant a notch or two above Buffy). What got me was the disgustingness of it all.

  • One of the best werewolf transformation I've seen. Looking forward to see this show!

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