Gang Fights Continue At Suzuran High In CROWS EXPLODE's First Trailer

Crows Zero and Crows Zero 2 are two of Japanese director Miike Takashi's most popular films. These high school gangster flicks are violent, entertaining and filled with energy and intensity. With the box office success of both films, it comes as no surprise that a third film is being made. 

The new film in the franchise, titled Crows Explode, is to be directed by Toyoda Toshiaki (Pornostar, Blue Spring, Nine Souls). The film will be set one month after the first 2 films' main character, Takaya Genji (played by Oguri Shun), has graduated, and will feature an almost entirely new cast including Higashide Masahiro and Saotome Taichi.

Crows Explode's first trailer shows plenty of high school gang fights, just as you would expect in a Crows film. You can check it out below. 
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  • Jundamane

    It sucks that Miike isn't directing, but I thoroughly enjoyed Toyoda Toshiaki's Blue Spring & 9 Souls so count me in.

  • trailer wasn't that good.
    first movie was better than second

  • ikilledbambi

    big fan of CZ 1 and 2, but this trailer didnt caught my attention

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