Eureka Nabs UK Rights to Geoffrey Enthoven's COME AS YOU ARE

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Eureka Entertainment announced today that they have picked up UK theatrical and DVD rights for Geofrrey Enthoven's award-winning Belgian tragi-comic road movie, Come As You Are (aka Hasta La Vista). The film tells the story of three handicapped Flemish lads (one blind, one wheelchair-bound, one completely paralysed) who take a road trip to Spain, on the pretence of a wine tour, in order to get laid. 

Recent years have seen numerous European films focusing on disabled protagonists overcoming their disabilities score big at the international box office, with Rust and Bone, The Intouchables and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly all proving notable crossover hits. Couple that with the perennially popular "horny guys on a road trip" scenario and we could be looking at the paralympic equivalent of Klown or The Hangover.

Come As You Are won the Audience Awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2012, the European Film Awards 2012 and the Montreal World Film Festival 2012, where it also nabbed the Grand Prix des Amerique and a special jury mention. 

"In 2012 the people of London, the country and the world marvelled at the achievements of the Paralympians," the press release quotes Ian Sadler, Sales Director for Eureka Entertainment as saying. "Come As You Are is an extremely moving and inspiring film and we hope that with its release we can help to continue to break down barriers and continue to raise awareness of the challenges, rights and needs of disabled people in the UK."

Come As You Are will be released theatrically in key cities around the UK and Eire on 7 June 2013 and will celebrate its Charity Premiere on 5 June in central London. You can check out the film's subtitled trailer below:
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "The Intouchables and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly all proving notable crossover hits."

    Two very nice films.

    "You can check out the film's subtitled trailer below:"
    Looks to be very liberal when it comes to the issues of.....errrr......"sexual aid" for a disabled, but then again it comes from that part of the world.
    But it does seem to be entertaining, thanks for the trailer(and nice english subs) Mr Marsh.

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