ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY Teases Weird Science With Another Haunting Poster. Updated With Super-Epic Size Art!

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I'm absolutely loving the poster campaign for German-Australian sci-fi thriller Errors of the Human Body. The North American and Australian key art so far has been stylish, classy, minimalistic but always evocative and haunting. 

This latest poster continues the classy, haunting approach. Directed by Eron Sheean, Errors of the Human Body opens in the US through IFC Midnight in limited theatrical release and VOD on April 19.

As always, go to the gallery below for a bigger massive version of the poster.

Full disclosure: I work as a consultant for XYZ Films, which executive produced Errors. I have no direct relation to the film; I'm just genuinely excited.
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  • Martin Wagner

    Saw it at FF, couldn't help but be disappointed by it. Offers some good ideas, never really follows through on them, and just kind of peters out at the end.

  • J Hurtado

    I remember liking the film at Fantastic Fest, but I can't remember what it's about for the life of me.

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