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Meet Kuroshima Mamoru, apology instructor. When mishaps occur and you need to put things right, Kuroshima is your man. He'll give you the skills you need. Among his clients: A returned ex-pat who never learned to apologize properly; an underwear company worker at the center of a sexual harassment complaint; an actor with a scandalous child; an absentee father; a movie director who accidentally slights an entire nation through sloppy casting; and, of course, ultimately all of Japan when the entire nation must apologize to save itself.

Welcome to the bizarre world of Mizuta Nobuo's King Of Apologies (Shazai no Oshama), a new comedy that reunites Mizuta with his Maiko Haaaan!!! writer Kudo Kankuro and star Abe Sadao. This particular trio has hit comedy gold together in the past and it looks like they've done it again as this first teaser is absolutely the right kind of off-kilter. Take a look below.
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