Ariane Fortin And Mary Spencer Don The Gloves In Boxing Doc LAST WOMAN STANDING

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Soon to premiere at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto, directors Juliette Lammers and Lorraine Price step into the fascinating world of women's boxing for the documentary feature Last Woman Standing.

In 2012, the Olympic Games included women's boxing for the first time in history. But, only three weight categories would be admitted - 51kg, 60kg and 75kg. For two of the world's best fighters, both from Canada, this meant the end of a friendship and the beginning of a fierce rivalry.

Last Woman Standing is a feature documentary film that follows world champion boxers and former friends, Ariane Fortin and Mary Spencer, as they fight for an Olympic dream that can only belong to one.
Combat sports also provoke a certain amount of controversy and interest and that seems particularly so in recent years as more women step into the ring to lay a hit or two on traditional gender roles and they lay a hit or two on one another.  Last Woman Standing premieres April 26, check the trailer below.

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