A Completely Accurate Portrayal Of The Modern Cinema Experience

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Thanks to Michael Cusack for hitting the nail on the head. This should really stand alongside the Alamo Drafthouse no cell phones PSA.
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  • Mr. Cavin

    I miss the glory days when the usher would bring the old flashlight down the aisle to see if the guy in front of me needed another pack of matches for his smokes. When people could come and go as they pleased, and stay for as long as they wanted, so parents could just dump the kids out for the whole day. When a slightly crinkly bag didn't hold a candle to the sound of people cracking a nickel bag of nuts in the next seats, or rolling their glass Coke bottles down the gently sloping concrete floor.

    This idea of the pristine film watching environment is actually pretty new. I for one like to see movies in big rooms with other people. Their snacking is as much a part of the energy as their gasps and laughter.

  • jama

    man, I wish I could be like you, but I cant help being anoyed by all those things ever since I became like 20 years old or so and passed the juvenile stage of my life. It can't be helped, it's not a matter of ideology:(

  • Gospel X

    One could say that being unnecessarily annoyed by these things suggests that you haven't quite passed the juvenile stage of your life.

  • Elsie Paroubek

    "Thanks to Michael Cusack for hitting the nail on the head."
    Yeah thanks. We never knew noise in a cinema could be annoying but you've really hit the nail on the head. Keep hitting those nails and more silly voices on your video's, they are hilarious.

  • JayMars84

    Where are the crying babies and the people on their phones going "Yeah...uh huh...yeah, I'm watching it now"?

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