Timo Tjahjanto Reveals Blood-Spattered Kazuki Kitamura In New KILLERS Image

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I don't know when we'll see it but Killers, the next collaboration from Indonesian horror duo The Mo Brothers, is getting closer. I can feel it grating in my bones. And to whet our appetite until we see some footage is a new still posted by co-director Timo Tjahjanto on his Twitter page - featuring Japanese actor Kazuki Kitamura as the murderous Nomura Shuhei.

Kitamura, who is currently in Indonesia filming Gareth Evans' sequel to The Raid, plays one of two serial killers in the Mo Brothers' film who square-off against each other in bloody competition. See the links for more about the film, and the image below for a bigger version.
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  • it doesn't quite look like Kitamura Kazuki I know... is it the angle? or lighting? or both?

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