THE ALAN PARTRIDGE MOVIE Teaser Promises Guns, Cursing And A Snazzy Title

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I can't guarantee that this first look at The Alan Partridge Movie actually shows anything from the film itself, but it does feature new material from Steve Coogan playing Britain's favorite fictional talk radio host, which is good enough. Here, we have Partridge (Coogan) spit-balling with his co-workers spit-balling titles for the film. Or who knows, maybe this footage is in the actual film. Maybe the film is partly about making the film! Maybe they went completely meta and made a film about making a film about making a film! Whatever the case, all will be revealed on August 7th.

For now, we just have this trailer, in which the trio teases a plot involving Alan in a radio station under siege before finally settling on the film's official title. I'll let you discover that for yourself in the video. Spoiler: Despite the plot, the title is not Airheads 2
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    steve coogan kills me. i hope this turns out well.

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