Sympathy For Mr. Zombie: Here's The International Trailer For HALLEY

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I guarantee you won't find another trailer or film that takes to the idea of the zombie with such a sympathetic and existential gaze as you will with Sebastián Hofmann's Halley. Our very own Ard Vijn had this to say when the film played IFFR in January:

The movie's title comes from the famous comet which visits Earth once every 76 years. Most people will see Halley's comet only one time in their lives. But not Beto. For him, different rules apply, and if he keeps himself together (literally), he may see the comet several times. But in between visits, Halley's comet travels utterly alone, just like Beto, and utterly slow, just like the film.

You need to be very patient to get accustomed to the glacial pace set in Halley. While there is a difference between boring, sedate and meditative, director Sebastián Hofmann definitely takes his chances here. The great make-up work and claustrophobic setting mostly managed to keep me interested, though.

Check out the new trailer embedded below. Does the glacial pace and approach to the subject matter look intriguing to you as it does to me? 
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Does the glacial pace and approach to the subject matter look intriguing to you as it does to me? "
    Could be, looks very nice, thanks for the trailer Mr Umstead.

  • Collin had a similar premise, but went in a totally different direction. this looks really good, and i hope to see it in a near-empty theatre (for ambiance)

  • Michael

    Reminds me of that great film The Death of Mr. Lazarescu. We witness a gradual decline over the course of the film and each interaction with various aspects of the death process.

  • Nowadays zombies are getting so much sympathy.

  • Mr. Cavin


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