SXSW 2013 First Impression: REWIND THIS! Spreads the Cinematic Love Past the Living Room

, Festivals Editor

Director Josh Johnson and producer Carolee Mitchell's VHS docu Rewind This! is every bit the love letter to the mostly forgotten format that we've been promised, but there is plenty more than just nostalgia here as well. This is just as much about the love of cinema as fondness for a particular format. On top of that, it's a really funny movie and a damn entertaining time capsule of our world of media at this particular time.

The film is packed with familiar faces, from Hobo with a Shotgun director Jason Eisener to Twitch's own Editor-in-Chief Todd Brown (I'm pretty sure Todd had a particular line included just for the bombastic pronunciation of "about"). The good folks at Alamo Drafthouse play a particularly large role as well. The takeaway is that this is a fantastic resource for hearing the thoughts of some of the biggest cinephiles in (mostly) America, Canada, and Japan. Film fans get ready, you will surely find something to love with this one.

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