Kudo's JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT MARUYAMA Wants To Get Up Close And Personal With Himself

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Though you may not immediately recognize his name there is a more than fighting chance that you know the work of multi talented Japanese writer-director-performer Kudo Kankuro if you are any sort of fan of Japanese cult cinema. The writer of cult hit titles as diverse as Go, Ping Pong and Zebraman, Kudo is also an acclaimed director in his own right with his work specializing in find very sincere human wrinkles to a cavalcade of very odd characters.

The latest of these is Junior High Student Maruyama, the touching story of a young man training himself for extreme flexibility with self pleasure being the ultimate aim. Maruyama's world is shaken with the arrival of a new neighbor in his apartment complex, a stroller pushing young father who appears strangely aware of Maruyama's goal.

Kudo is a truly unique talent making a return after a bit of a gap - by his standards, he's not had a script of his hit the big screen since 2010's Zebraman 2 - with two other scripts also in production right now. Check the trailer for his latest below.
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