IRON MAN 3 Trailer Delivers What Has Been Promised

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[UPDATED with correct new trailer, plus International Trailer featuring new footage.] After all the teasing, a full-blown trailer for Marvel's Iron Man 3 has finally arrived, and it fits exactly into the expectations that have been raised: a remorse-filled Tony Stark, a villain bent on revenge, large-scale explosions. You know: summer fun!

The trailer won't change anyone's mind, but it really won't take much to improve on Iron Man 2. How high -- or low -- will the film set the bar for the summer blockbuster season when it opens on May 3? Will Shane Black's directorial touch make any difference? Will Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin offend everyone? Will anyone emerge unscathed?

Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall, and Mr. Kingsley star. You can watch the trailer below.

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  • Bob Lee

    There is actually a new trailer. But Peter Martin embedded the wrong old trailer. New trailer is on IMDB.

  • Right you are! Sorry about that. Added the new domestic trailer, as well as the new international trailer, which came out last night.

  • Mehaillien Thundercross

    I really dig the fact that this looks like it won't be a "suit vs. suit" type film; I honestly don't know how this will end.

  • ih8yh

    no new footage..... lame

  • sacredfighter

    I just hope the Hulkbuster Armor could be a little bit meaner!

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